• The Galaxie Agency Welcomes Hurricane Ruth!

    Gina Hughes and The Galaxie Agency are proud to welcome "Hurricane" Ruth LaMaster.

    The Galaxie Agency has been working with Ruth on the production of her new record which will release March 10, 2017. We have really enjoyed working with Ruth on her record and we are so excited for the release! What a pro!

    Make sure to check out her website and watch the short clip about her upcoming record.

    For booking please contact:

  • A New Look For The Galaxie Agency!

    We, at The Galaxie Agency, are so excited to release our new logos! We really think this spruces things up for us!

    Thanks to Jerry Dunaway of Creative Marketing Designs for creating our new look! They're fresh and modern. We love them!

    Thanks Jerry!

  • Galaxie Agency Joins Forces with City Winery in Nashville!

    The Galaxie Agency has teamed up with City Winery in Nashville to co-promote some incredible shows that build to and strengthen the music scene that this city is known for. We are excited to have this urban winery in Nashville!

    City Winery and it's excellent staff provides an upscale listening room that is very much welcome and needed in our city.

    Contact Gina for more information.

    City Winery Website
  • Galaxie Agency Celebrates Duane Allman!

    The Galaxie Agency is excited to announce that they are involved in a year long tribute to celebrate the music of Duane Allman!

    A group of stellar musicians came together to form Idlewild South, Nashville. Idlewild South played their first show at City Winery, Nashville and it was a huge success! They have since recorded a 7 song EP and taken the show on the road.

    Duane Allman, an American musician most notably as co-founder and leader of The Allman Brothers until his death in 1971, would be turning 70 in November, 2016.

    Watch for details on facebook: Idlewild South

  • Bart Walker... Waiting On Daylight!

    Waiting On Daylight is the stunning new album from Nashville based guitarist/singer Bart Walker who plays southern fried blues/rock with a burning intensity that hits you right between the eyes! Blessed with a voice somewhere between the great Ronnie Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Little Milton, Bart Walker delivers grunge fuelled blues driven with virtuoso guitar licks that should leave you comfortably numb! Waiting On Daylight was recorded at Bessie Blue Studios in Tennessee by legendary producer Jim Gaines with the magnificent Bart Walker on guitar & vocals backed by Memphis session players Dave Smith on bass, Rick Steff on keyboards, Steve Potts on drums and special guest Dave Cohen on organ.

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  • Bart Walker: Waiting on Daylight Review

    Bart Walker, a long haired rocker with a wailing blues guitar and a bellowing voice to be heard, released his new album Waiting on Daylight just this past month. Listening to this record from beginning to end, one can hear beefy tones, lyrical lines, and funky grooves of every musical color. A raw and unique blend of blues, classic rock, southern rock, and heavy metal, the album is a prime collaboration of covers and originals that Walker was able to piece together with perfection. Like a classic rock record, Waiting on Daylight tells much of its story through explosive emotion and passion conveyed in the rhythms, harmonies, melodies, and thundering instrumentals that make this album a catchy, unforgettable release. However, beneath the beautifully distorted rock & roll are bluesy poetic lines that reveal glimpses of Walker’s tales of woe — financial struggles, political angst, regret, and the struggle of a man to love without compromising his freedom. A bluesman at heart, Walker doesn’t write a song with a story left untold.

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    BART WALKER/Waiting on Daylight

    Don’t let looks deceive you. If this chubby, white boy from Nashville says he plays the blues and is a guitar slinger, believe him. Having paid dues since playing with the original Double Trouble, he might not look like a blues rock guitar slinging guitar god, but he is every inch just that. The recent blues challenge winner opens this set hot and heavy with sound and fury that could blow any pretender off the stage and into the next town. A must for any real fan of electric blues/rock, this Nashville into Memphis set with Jim Gaines at the wheel is one of the best of the year even if we need to tick off over seven more months to fully make that claim. Hot stuff throughout.

    -Chris Spector

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  • Etta Britt: Put A Little Light in Your Life

    Can you be an overnight sensation at age 55? If anyone can, it’s surely Etta Britt. A “studio rat,” in Nashville since age 20, Etta (born Melissa Prewitt) has backed up every Music City male worth his chitlins. She was a rock-solid part of the Dave & Sugar trio for half a dozen years, including the five years in a row when they were nominated for the Country Music Association Vocal Group of the Year award.

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  • Five Questions with Etta Britt

    Nashville is teeming with ludicrously talented, hard-working musicians. Of course, you know the usual suspects – the pop country stars, the classic country heroes. But there’s a whole other set of musicians who work quietly in the background. Their job – adding the finishing touches to the records of their more famous counterparts – is a holy pursuit. Often it is their talent that provides the je ne sais quoi that skyrockets a good song to greatness. We are, of course, speaking of the session musician.

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  • Etta Britt: Five Women Over 50 Who Rock

    Alicia Ranch Traille wrote this great article of five women over 50 who rock. Etta is featured alongside some legends, such as Madonna and Tina Turner.

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